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Andraé L. Jones & associates

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I strongly hold the belief that contributing to our community is an essential cornerstone of a meaningful existence, as it is our community that nurtures and sustains us. With deep gratitude, I actively support various causes listed below, dedicating my time, financial resources, and other means of support. Kindly note that a portion of the payments received will be allocated towards these causes, and I wholeheartedly appreciate your invaluable assistance in making a tangible difference.


Sugar Hill Land Trust

Helping to restore the oldest African American neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona.

I'm Not What It Says I Am, Inc

Helping to raise awareness of HIVAIDS in schools, homes, and communities.

Casa De Los Ninos

Working to transform the lives of children and families exposed to trauma and adversity. 

Boys to Men Phoenix

Bring positive male role models together with boys to discover the man they want to be. 

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