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Andraé L. Jones & associates

Business Consulting Services



Craft an impactful online presence for your company through web design and development, digital marketing, social media marketing, and beyond. 



Equip employees with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to enhance their performance, productivity, and effectiveness in their roles within your organization.



A transformative experience to help  unlock your full potential, improve your skills, and overcome obstacles, leading to enhanced performance, increased productivity, and professional growth.

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Andraé, thank you for listening to me and actually hearing me. For your professionalism and accountability.  Working with you was a transformational experience that had brought abundance into my life instantaneously.

K. D.

Wow!!!! I am impressed with the customer service it's the best I've seen. I was beyond feeling comfortable I felt as if I were part of the team. The professionalism was outstanding and the services provided were custom tailored to my business and my industry. 

J. F.

I'm a clinical social worker in private practice. My practice had increased by 50% after working with Andraé having him and his team build my website. Andrae's creativity enables him to capture the true essence of the web site's owner. I am very satisfied with wha Andraé has done for me and my business.

F. C.

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